Our Clients

  • United Logistics Association (ULA)

    Edmonton, AB, Canada

  • Spruceland Millworks

    Acheson, AB, Canada

  • Timeu Forest Products

    Fort Assiniboine, AB, Canada

  • KP Wood

    West Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • North American Forest Products

    Abbotsford, BC, Canada

North America

  • Smiltene Impex, SIA

    Smiltene, Latvia

  • Lameko Impex, SIA

    Riga, Latvia

  • Kurekss SIA

    Ventspils, Latvia


    Alvesta, Sweden

  • Bergkvist Siljan AB

    Insjön, Sweden

  • Bergkvist Siljan AB

    Blyberg, Sweden

  • Bergkvist Siljan AB

    Mora, Sweden

  • Nydala Trävaru AB

    Vrigstad, Sweden

  • Skaraborgs Träförädling AB

    Töreboda, Sweden


What Our Customers Say

  • "Time spent on inventory is shorter by about 75%. Also, our salespeople have more time to sell since the information in WoodMart always easily accessible and up to date." Bergkvist-Insjön AB
  • "When our production was expanding 10-15% each year, we continually added new functionality to support our expansion quickly and cheaply." Kurekss SIA
  • "We saved money with WoodMart through better planning, selling, producing and analyzing with total efficiency growing by 25-30% overall." SILJAN Wood Products AB
  • "When the General Manager walks in and asks for an update, I can answer accurately with volumes, total sales and average prices in seconds." Manning Diversified Forest Products (MDFP)
  • "The profitability report helps us control what we produce and sell fewer unprofitable products. This allows us to keep our margins steady." SILJAN Timber AB
  • "We reduced our month end closing by 4 days while providing an audit trial and generating reports without any additional work." KP Wood
  • "Now stocktaking has been updated and is more efficient. Information with regard to order taking and execution between the two companies is stored in one place – one programme." Smiltene Impex SIA
  • "Better control over stocks, sales, production and planning. Would guess it should payback investment in a year." Kurekss SIA