Fully-integrated software for your lumber business


Segment and maintain your contacts. Set default parameters by contact to save time.

  • Search contacts by any desired filtering criteria
  • Set default parameters to enable fast and easy order entry
  • Track customer notes, calls, visits, meetings inquiries and more

Inventory & Costing

Register finished, dry and unfinished lumber packages in real-time, complete with package delivery and consumption tracking.

  • Product library accommodates all product types
  • Market prices to estimate inventory value
  • Automatic package registry from production units
  • Track finished and rough sawn products
Inventory & Costing

Sales & Invoicing

Track sales and purchase orders, planned volume distribution and actual shipments. Invoice loads with the ability to credit and claim against invoices.

  • View all associated orders and shipments including volume and net prices
  • Invoicing info complete with volume, value, taxes, discounts and more
  • Credit and claim against invoices
  • Sell various products and articles in various price and volume units on the same order
  • Complete sales analytics for products, volumes and prices
  • Automatic invoice export into accounting systems
Sales & Invoicing

Purchasing & Receiving

Track purchase orders, supplier purchase history and receiving.

  • Use purchase net prices in future production cost calculation
  • Register purchased packages in the inventory
  • Print new package tags on purchased packages, if required
Purchasing & Receiving

Shipping & Logistics

Create multiple shipments per order and multiple loads per shipment. Use handheld scanners to load packages.

  • Manage rail cars, trucks and shipping rates
  • Add groups of packages or add packages one-by-one
  • Create shipments based on volume distribution
  • Create shipment loads using handheld scanners
  • Complete with contracts and documents
Shipping & Logistics

Export Sales

Manage all aspects of international trade like multiple units, currencies and documentation.

  • Comprehensive SLA Management
  • Track brokerage, duty and freight
  • Supports multiple currencies and units of measure
  • Mill certificate and package tally for export orders
  • Calculate freight upon destination
  • Calculate export charge payables
Export Sales

Log Inventory

Divide logs into log classes and keep updated log inventory, log prices and values. Log budgeting and historic log deliveries helps predict log availability and sawmill planing.

  • Real-time log inventory
  • Manage log budget, delivery and availability
  • Track consumed logs per order
  • Generate production costs
  • Log classes based on species, diameter interval, quality and length interval
Log Inventory

Production Planning

Plan production based on product deliveries, shortage and availability. Use sawing statistics to evaluate production recovery and cost in order to eliminate non-profitable products and cutting patterns.

  • Plan based on log and product availability, product demand, product deliveries and cutting patterns
  • Dry Kiln table estimates drying time and drying cost based on product
  • Monitor dry kiln status and availability
  • Handhelds easily move packages to and from dry kilns
  • Planer order management based on production date, shift, week and duration
  • Detailed planning results based on orders, durations, recoveries, and grade outturns
Production Planning

Forecasting Tools

Track, plan and forecast sales, production and shipping activities.

  • Forecast future production lines occupancy based on future deliveries
  • Forecast future log shortage or asset, future products to sell based on current log inventory, log budget and future deliveries
  • Forecast future sideboards production based on future log class availability and budget and previous sideboards recovery
Forecasting Tools

Reports & Analysis

Gather a complete overview of company activities with regard to contracted, produced and sold prices and volumes, shipping costs, invoicing and delivery outcomes.

  • Comprehensive analytics for contracted, invoiced and produced figures
  • Build graphs from desired filtering criteria
  • Figures by regions, customers, species, grades, dimensions and more
  • Preview price fluctuations
Reports & Analysis

Accounting Integration

Integrate with any existing accounting packages such as Accpac, Great Plains and more. Every new customer created or any new invoice generated in WoodMart will be automatically sent into the accounting system.

  • Keep your existing accounting system
  • Real-time integration with Accpac, Great Plains, QuickBooks and more
  • Automatic invoice transfer into accounting system